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Sustainable leather from cows living on organic farms: ORGANIC TAN | LIMITED COLLECTION

by Anna Lewis

Does sustainable leather even exist? Are you using vegan alternatives because you care about how the animals are treated? But those often contain plastic or other chemical binders, which you would like to avoid?

Well this is how I felt as well. Which is why I am very excited about this very special limited edition this autumn. I found a great partner in Nina from Traceable Leather and as a start of working with her I launched this new limited edition made from sustainable leather.

Read in this article how we found each other and what makes this series so special.

Bioleder Traceable Leather

‘If I do this, I want to do it properly’ is what I thought when I started Lederlotta. Especially materials coming from animals I wanted to be organic quality, making sure they had a good life and been treated well.

My goal at Lederlotta

All materials have to be natural and plastic free. Raw materials are reduced to a minimum to really know whats each product is made of and not to use more than is actually necessary.

Especially sustainable leather was very hard to find at the beginning. But I found some. By now there are a few brands that make their own leather from selected organic farms. Nina from Traceable Leather is one of them and our first collaboration resulted in this limited collection.

What you see here is vegetable tanned calf leather. This exact type of leather won’t be made again any time soon which makes it even more special and unique. But really each pieace of this type of leather is unique!

The animals live free on fields. Scratches that may result in scars can not be avoided and are certainly part of it all. Instead of thinking of them as mistakes I actually prefer to say they are part of nature and strengthen the sustainable character of this beautiful material.

No matter if they were cows from the milk or meat industry, we keep them as farm animals and it’s only fair to be as respectful towards them as we can be and value them as a whole being.

Sustainable leather

The calf leather of the ORGANIC TAN | LIMITED COLLECTION has a very fine feel to it and is slightly died. Even untreated it’s already as dark as my usual leather after applying leather finsih.

As soon as it is finished, it has a beautiful honyllike colour. Like this it’s as dark as my natural leather after developing a patina. It’s slightly thicker but also softer than my standard leather.

The fragrance is hard to describe, but somehow it makes me feel like standing in the forest with my feet on soft cushions of moss.

The sustainable leather is suitable for the following products I offer:

* A5 calendar and notebooks covers

* Passportcovers

* Baby medical record covers (AT, DE)

* Mousepads

* Pencil cases

* Keyrings and 

* Cable ties, to use even the smallest parts of the leather.

To get a better understanding for the structure and feel of the leather I made this video. I speak in German but you should be able to turn on automatic captions and you can still see the leather.


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New additions in the to go with this sustainable leather

Because it works really well with the darker colour of the leather, I will offer black elastic and yarn for the first time. Because of that the new favourite pieces can be tailored to suit your needs even better.

Together with the launch of this beautiful sutainable leather I designed the hand lettering collection. beautiful quotes or words are carved from me by hand. Each piece becomes unique and still leaves room for the leather to shine.

You can also choose from existing designs. If you mix one of them with a piece from the lettering collection, you will have a beautiful set.

Conclusion: This leather can truly be called sustainable leather. A raw material which has been there for ages. Naturally produced and eventually possible to give back to nature. But only after creating a new favourite piece for you or you loved ones.


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